Pilates is more than just a set of exercises – it is a philosophy of movement that integrates mind, body and breath into a harmonious whole. You can perform it on a variety of equipment, nothing has the simplicity and naturalness of Pilates on a mat. This form of training offers a unique opportunity to explore your body, improve your technique and discover new levels of strength and flexibility.

Why Pilates on the mat?

Pilates on the mat is a workout that is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. If you read about the history of Pilates, you will quickly learn that Joseph Pilates, the creator of the method, created it as an exercise system that can be performed anywhere, even in confined spaces.

Mat exercises engage the entire body, from the deep abdominal and back muscles to the muscles of the lower and upper limbs and stabilisers. Training on a mat develops strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, while correcting posture and strengthening the deep muscles that are key to spinal health.

Key elements of Pilates on the mat
  1. Breath

The basis of Pilates is conscious breathing. You learn to synchronise movement with the breath, which not only calms the mind but also improves the effectiveness of the exercise. Through controlled breathing, you can better engage your deep muscles, resulting in a more effective workout.

  1. Centring

Pilates on the mat focuses on working the so-called ‘centre’ of the body, i.e. the muscle area of the abdomen, lower back, pelvis and hips. The exercises focus on strengthening this area, which improves body stability and protects against injury.

  1. Control

Pilates exercises on the mat are done slowly and controlled. It is not a workout based on fast movements or doing as many repetitions as possible. Instead, the focus is on precision of movement and body awareness.

  1. Precision

Correct technique is key in Pilates. The exercises require precise movements, which helps to build strength in an even manner and avoids overloading specific areas of the body.

Benefits of Pilates on the mat:

By choosing Pilates on the mat, you can enjoy a range of benefits:

  • Improving muscle strength: Pilates exercises engage different muscle groups, strengthening and developing them in an even way.
  • Increased flexibility: regular Pilates practice on a mat stretches muscles and improves range of movement, leading to greater flexibility.
  • Improving posture: Pilates exercises place a strong emphasis on body awareness, which helps to improve posture and avoid back problems.
  • Stress reduction: Focusing on the breath during exercise helps to reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing.

Pilates on the mat is not just a form of training, but a true journey of discovering your body and its capabilities. Regular practice can not only provide physical benefits, but also improve your overall mental and emotional health. Whether you’re just starting out with Pilates or are an experienced practitioner, mat exercises always offer something new to explore and improve upon.